There are many alternative test frameworks out there. Here are some. See benchmarks for performance comparisons.

  • googletest : Maintained by Google, C++11

  • greatest : Very small, Single header only, Easy to add tester functions, C89

  • utest : Very small, Single header only, C89

  • doctest : Header Only, C++11

  • catch2 : Header Only, C++11

  • snow 2 : Very small, Single header only, C99/C11

Special notes


  • utest doesn’t compile unless you include “_stricmp” before the header

Coding style

  • jctest was designed to mimic gtest as closely as possible, to ease the transition.

  • greatest and utest are quite alike in the setup and testing.

  • doctest, catch2 and snow has a similar code style (BDD?)